Saturday, May 19

Jonas and Owen: 9 month and 3 year old Children's Session

I had the pleasure of stopping by the Glay household last Saturday and had a short session with 9 month old Jonas and 3 year old Owen. You may recognize these handsome hunks from my two previous sessions with them, Jonas's newborn and 5 month shoots. Compared to his all smiles demeanor for his 5 month shoot, Jonas was a little crabby this past Saturday. But that's okay because mom, Nicole, and dad, Adam, and I spent an hour making funny noises and faces and managed to get some smiles out of him. Big brother, Owen was very cooperative and very happy throughout the entire shoot showing me all of his baseballs and his complete set of yard tools (a matching plastic lawnmower, weed whacker, and leaf blower).

Thank you to the Glay family for spending a gorgeous Saturday morning with me and I hope that the next time I get to see the boys they'll be more smiles to go around!

Keep smiling,


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