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Saturday, November 30

The Pixar to my Tim Burton

As we were driving home from Thanksgiving at my parents' home, I let it slip that I sometimes personify household objects that have crappy jobs, like toilet paper. It only took me thirty seconds to spill my secret habit of giving inanimate objects grumpy personalities, but by the time I was done with my story I was convinced that Blake was going to decide to call off the wedding and never speak to me again because I was that crazy and strange. He was silent for five seconds before he said, "Really? I like to think they high five each other when it's their turn to get to work". What he said next could not have been more perfect. "That's the difference between you and I. You lead a Tim Burton life and I'm Pixar."

That was the moment I was reminded of just how thankful I am to have him. To have a man that not only doesn't judge my tendencies to give toilet paper a personality, but is quick to provide his own, more cheerful, version. To have a partner who is the Pixar to my Tim Burton.

Keep smiling,

Saturday, November 9

On the other side of the camera...

Angela has an infectious smile and an extraordinary sense of humor that truly makes her a people person. Which is a very handy thing to be when you're also an amazing wedding photographer. Angela and I have been getting to know each other over the past few months over coffee and pastries while we talk about our triumphs, frustrations, and all things photography. On Sunday we met in German Village to take turns snapping pictures of each other to update our bios and just have some fun. It was nice to be reminded what it feels like to be in front of the camera instead of hiding behind it.

We had so much fun wandering around German Village, commandeering people's doorsteps, and enjoying some sweets from Pistachia Vera. 

Angela is obviously beautiful and extremely talented. I'm so glad that I can call her a friend and an industry peer. You can check out Angela's work here and her pictures of me here

Keep smiling!