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Tuesday, December 13

12 Days of Christmas

We have officially entered the 12 days of Christmas (which means 16 days until my birthday and 18 until New Years for those of you who are keeping track). This past weekend I had two full day shoots and I am sore! I never noticed how much I squat on shoots until I reached the end of the wedding Sunday and my calves were screaming. I know, the terribly difficult life of a wedding photographer, they should write epic poems in my honor. But physical pain aside- this weekend was a constant reminder of how blessed I am to do what I do. I get to spend my days actively practicing my passion and share in some of the most important moments of my clients' lives.

The Princess Ball was absolutely inspiring. The stories that some of the girls had and the people that stepped out of the woodwork to help put this event together was nothing short of a miracle. Every girl (close to 70 of them) got to dress up for one night and feel like the princesses that they are. Myself and several other local photographers got some great pictures of these girls and I know that these families will treasure the memories forever. For me it was like shooting 70 weddings at once- capturing all the girls getting their hair and make-up done; getting in their dresses; sharing their first dances with their fathers- it was a magical evening. For every girl it was their special night. Definitely an amazing event that every girl (and her father) should experience at least one. And it's not too late- wheels are already in motion for next year's Princess Ball. I will keep you updated on its progress. A special thanks to Fairfield Christian Church North Campus for hosting the event and the gorgeous Marissa Bailey for putting it all together. You are one incredible lady!

The Kimes wedding on Sunday was equally amazing. Held in the OSU Faculty Club, the wedding was such a beautiful display of a young couple's love. Sam and Evan were all smiles all day and I couldn't help but share their excitement. They were such great models- a gorgeous couple. Evan, the groom, brought his fiercest modeling moves and Sam, the bride, was absolutely glowing all night. My favorite detail of the day- a baby pine tree for every guest so they can "plant a tree for love". I'll have a full post of their wedding soon but here are a few sneak peak pictures to tie you over.

Keep smiling!

Saturday, December 10

Date Day at CMA

Maybe it's because we're both in college or maybe it's because we've seen every single episode of The Office AT LEAST seven times- but whatever it is, Blake and I don't get out much. And we're okay with that. We spend 99.9% of our nights hanging out in front of a computer working on school stuff or in front of a tv watching Hulu/Netflix. So sometimes the wild woman in me just screams "I have to go do something!"

And that is how we found ourselves at the Columbus Museum of Art two weeks ago. We made a whole day of it. Lunch at Max & Erma's- yes, we're fancy. Believe it or not I've never been to a Max and Erma's before but I will definitely being going back for the most amazing tortilla soup I've ever had in my life. Then off to CMA. If you've never been- you should definitely go. It's such a beautiful building with amazing architecture and it's only $10 (less for students, kids, and seniors)! Seriously. Go. At the risk of sounding like a PSA... it's fun for everyone. They've got weekends planned for kids once a month and there is definitely something to keep everyone entertained. Although I will say that if you don't have kids (or don't like kids) don't go on a family weekend. Blake and I spent half of our visit trying to stay a room ahead of the Brownie troop visiting that day.

 You can put these chairs on my Christmas list. Seriously, how amazing are these?
 And I think this is on Blake's list...

My favorite discovery was in the love room where they had a "peace tree".

Blake and I had an amazing day pretending to be cultured people. Armed with only Blake's knowledge gained from a quarter of art history 101, we explored the museum for hours. And because the CMA allows you to take pictures of most of their exhibits, I got some great pictures out of the experience. Could not have asked for a better day out. It will definitely hold me over until next year when we go on another "date day".

Keep Smiling!

Tuesday, December 6

November Wedding: Chris + Jyssika Dunn

There was magic in the air. It’s hard not to have that feeling on 11.11.11- the coolest date for a wedding that I could ever think of. Jyssi did a nice job of picking out the date which held special meaning to her, being her late grandfather’s birthday. It was a beautiful (although quite chilly) Friday in Baltimore, Ohio. The church gave off such a wonderful, intimate feeling that made every guest and family member feel close to the young couple as they pledged their lives to one another.

Jyssika was absolutely gorgeous in her dress and has an infectious smile that you can’t help but want to be around.

Chris and his groomsmen, in camo accented tuxes, stayed pretty loose all evening and gave me some great opportunities for candid shots in between the formal group pictures.

I love watching the couples interact after the ceremony- it’s time to let their hair down and enjoy the months of planning that went into the day. Chris and Jyssi were immediately joking and whispering to each other in a small room off of the chapel as they waited for their guests to be dismissed. And when Chris went AWOL during the family group shots after the ceremony, I got to watch Jyssi’s face as she asked, “where is my husband?”- the first time she got to call Chris her husband. She laughed and admitted it felt a little weird to call him that but he was by her side in a second. And I know he always will be. Their love is evident and I’m so blessed to have been a part of their special day.

For even more pictures from the Dunn Wedding check out the slideshow below.
Keep smiling!

Sunday, December 4

I Survived.

Wow. The last few weeks have been insanely busy. But I do enjoy a challenge. And I have arrived at the end of Autumn Quarter 2011… Victorious. I survived the fall quarter and am taking a few quick breaths before diving into next week. Next Saturday, I will be taking pictures of all the lovely ladies at the Princess Ball at Fairfield Christian Church. It’s a wonderful event made to make every little girl feel like a princess and teach them the importance of treating themselves and their bodies with the respect and love they deserve. It’s such a great message and I’m so excited to be a part of it. Then Sunday I will be shooting the Kimes wedding at the OSU faculty club and I am looking forward to shooting a gorgeous December wedding.

I apologize for not giving everyone a sneak peak of the Dunn Wedding I shot on Nov. 11th but the full post (in all its glory) will be coming VERY SOON. In all the madness of the recent weeks, Blake did manage to drag me away from my school work, picture editing, and constant stressing to take me to the Columbus Museum of Art. It was an amazing day and I plan on giving it a full post of its own as soon as I find the time. But because every post is better with a picture, here’s my favorite detail shot from the Dunn Wedding:

Please check out the Facebook page for the Princess Ball here. If you're in the area there is still a lot you could do to help so please don't hesitate to ask!

Keep Smiling!