Thursday, January 5

December Wedding: Evan + Sam Kimes

 "We went to school together," Evan said simply when I asked how he and Sam had met. It took a little more prying before I got the whole story out of him. They've known each other since they were literally kids. Went to a local high school together. "But we didn't start dating until after high school," he added quickly, "we were at a party. We just started talking. Things just took off from there". They started to date and somewhere along the way they fell in love and became best friends. Now, years later, those kids are married and starting a family of their own.

The ceremony and reception were both held in the beautiful OSU Faculty Club on The Ohio State University's campus. The large building had the guests moving constantly. Ceremony on the first floor, cocktail hour in the swanky bar downstairs, dinner in the ballroom on the second floor, and the reception back on the first floor for dancing and dessert. Live acoustic music, performed by a high school friend and his dad, drifted through the halls during both the ceremony and reception and gave a unique, personal touch to the whole day.

Sam and Evan had planned a first look, but the hectic schedule of the day, along with everyone rushing to get ready, claimed the time we had set aside for the shoot. But with all the great locations decorated and such a huge space, I was able to get some great pictures after the ceremony of the wedding party and the Bride and Groom alone without everyone watching or waiting. I was so glad we could find that time and space during the day to get some more intimate pictures.

Sam, the bride, was stunningly gorgeous. And although she was beautiful by herself, nothing compared to the way her face lit up when she finally reached Evan at the alter. Holding each other's hands and looking in to each other's eyes- the love in the room was tangible and every guest could feel it. I spent the rest of the night snapping pictures of a fun party and trying to catch that love on camera. My favorite moment of the night was at the end of reception when the party was winding down and guests were starting to leave- Sam and Evan found a quite spot at an abandoned table and just talked. Heads together, holding hands, whispering. It was a beautiful moment that just shows the strength of the friendship between them. They'll spend the rest of their lives like that. Finding refuge in each other at the end of a crazy day. Best friends. Husband and wife.

For even more pictures from the Kimes wedding, check out the slideshow below.

Keep smiling!