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Saturday, April 21

Taylor's Sneak Peak: 2013 Senior Session

Taylor is one of my 2013 Senior Models and will have another shoot in May. After her final shoot she'll get the full blog she deserves. But I had so much fun with her on her shoot last weekend at Columbus's Park of Roses, I had to share some of my favorite pictures. Stay tuned in the upcoming month for more from Taylor. She's a beautiful girl with an amazing personality.

Keep smiling,

Thursday, April 19

Tell a Story

"I've got a few minutes before class. Tell me a story."

Every Tuesday and Thursday I have an hour of down-time. I work until Noon, get on campus at 12:30, and class doesn't start until 1:30. So I head to the Union, grab some food, and take it to the Oval where I pick out a spot, plop down, and eat alone. It may sound depressing, but I love it. It's an hour of me just thinking and relaxing before I throw myself into six consecutive hours of class.

But last Thursday he walked up to me and asked me to tell him a story. A stranger. I didn't know him and to be honest, he kind of startled me. I was deep into my chicken noodle soup trying to figure out if one of the blossom from the tree above me could have made it into my soup when I wasn't looking. "Uhhh..." I'm not the smoothest talker. "I don't know any stories."  He smiled, "you can make one up."

No. I can't. I don't make-up stories. And I didn't have a story. "Nothing exciting has ever happened to me," I replied blankly when he tried to pull an anecdote out of my personal experience. That was a lie, of course. But there was something about the complete surprise of his request that just shut me up like a clam. So I sat there, dumb. He finally pulled a conversation out of me. The usual college small talk- what's your major, what do you want to do after graduation? And I did start to talk about my photography. He asked for a business card, I gave it to him, and he left.

I sat there for a few minutes flooded with all of things I should have said. I could have told him about how I fell in love with Blake. Or the moment I knew that photography was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. How stupid I must have seemed. And how if he was trying to have a random, meaningful human experience that day, he definitely picked the wrong girl.

And sitting there in the wake of that strange experience, I realized again why I love what I do so much. Photography is my way of telling stories about the people I care about. I can capture the love between a couple, a family, a mom and her newborn baby without words. I have the absolute pleasure of being allowed into my clients' most intimate relationships and freezing it in time- in a moment they'll keep forever. I know all of my clients' stories. And I realize now how truly blessed I am for that.

So thank you. All of you. For sharing your lives with me and giving me even the smallest glimpse into the loves of your life.

Keep smiling,

Friday, April 6

Engagement Session: Beth and Mario

The girls burst out of the car and started running across the grass to the table I had set my gear on. Their matching hair and dresses were too cute to handle and I warned them immediately, "be patient with me, I'm bad with names to begin with, and you guys look exactly alike!" It was easy to learn their names though, Emma, 8, and Olivia, 6, had such bright smiles and amazing (and completely different) personalities. They were incredible little models and the sweetest girls in the world.

I met Beth and Mario on Sunday at Slate Run Farm in Canal Winchester for their engagement shoot. When Beth asked a few weeks ago if she could bring her daughters along for the shoot, I was thrilled. Marriage is all about celebrating love and family so I thought it was the perfect way to capture the gorgeous, new family Beth and Mario would have for the rest of their lives. The girls really enjoyed themselves as we explored the farm- petting baby lambs, chasing chickens, and running off in every direction giving Beth, Mario, and I some chances to shoot on our own.

Beth, your girls are gorgeous and natural models, and Mario, they absolutely adore you! Thank you so much spending the afternoon with me and letting me get to know your family. And a very special thanks to Grandma for watching the girls while the rest of us snuck off  to shoot and for being such a great assistant!

Keep smiling!