Saturday, October 6

Cassie and Ben Uditis: Lancaster, Ohio Wedding

He was visibly nervous. Even a stranger could tell. But the day was here, and Ben couldn't wait to marry the love of his life. Cassie had been planning (and stressing a little) the whole engagement. And the closer the wedding got, the more the roles were reversed. It was his turn to sweat a little. He came by the boutique to drop off a few things his bride and the girls had forgotten at the house. From the porch of the boutique I couldn't hear the conversation as he handed over Cassie's veil to his mom but they hugged a million times before she started to tear up. It was 10 am and those were the first of many happy tears shed that day.

When I met Ben and Cassie for the first time 6 months ago it was obvious they adored each other. Then when we had so much fun during their engagement session, I was convinced: they were made for each other. I feel so blessed that I was allowed  to document their big day and pick up on the small details. Like the way their faces lit up and their hands stopped shaking as soon as they saw each other on the opposite sides of that aisle. The way Ben took the time to rub Cassie's arms at the alter because it was chilly out and he wanted to make sure she was warm. Or the careful planning that went into the surprise OSU football tickets Cassie had tucked in her garter for Ben during the garter toss.

It was truly a beautiful night full of little moments, little looks, and lots of happy tears.

Cassie and Ben thank you so much for choosing me! I am so blessed and so honored to have been a part of your day. I wish you the best in the future - I know that you two will have a million more little moments to make up an incredible lifetime together.

Keep smiling!

Cheers Lakeside Wedding Photographer

She started the day with a little bubbly to celebrate the arrival of the big day. Cassie and her bridesmaids were looking gorgeous all day thanks to the wonderful staff at Unique Beautique.

Cheers Lakeside Wedding Photographer

I may have gotten her addicted to Pinterest, but Cassie had some amazing homemade centerpieces to help decorate her special day, along with an adorable message on her shoes, and a personalized coat hanger for her most priceless dress. So I'd say it was worth it.

Cheers Lakeside Wedding Photographer

The ceremony was on a beautiful day and at the gorgeous Cheers & Lakeside Chalet. Cassie and Ben's mom did a great job picking out the venue and a wedding photographer couldn't have asked for more.

Cheers Lakeside Wedding Photographer

Cheers Lakeside Wedding Photographer


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