Tuesday, October 23

See. Help. Tell.

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about checking in on your New Years Resolutions and making the most of the last 90 days of 2012. And as I wrote the post, I cringed thinking about the most important resolution I had made and how I hadn't even given it the old college try in the first 9 months of the year. I had promised to give back.

Within a week of me posting that blog and guiltily ignoring my neglected resolutions, I got an email from one of the girls at ONELIFE. God is good.

I eagerly agreed to photograph the event they were holding to celebrate the launch of their website and their organization at Capital University. I am so happy to say that I attended the launch Wednesday night and I have been so inspired by their organization, their cause, and their vision.

Madison Mikhail and her three gorgeous sisters founded ONELIFE on three easy principals: See. Help. Tell.

ONELIFE's website provides users with access to accurate information highlighting the most urgent issues impacting lives around the globe.

ONELIFE connects users to reliable non-profit organizations that can help causes they are passionate about.

ONELIFE uses social media and, more importantly, YOU to spread the word and tell the world.

ONELIFE is the product of many, many years of love and labor from Madison, her sisters, her family, and her friends. It is an organization that is still growing and changing and it needs your help. Please, check out ONELIFE on Facebook, on YouTube, and Twitter. Check out what they're about, share their videos, and use the hash tags #ONELIFE and #seehelptell to spread the word and your passion. For more information about how to get involved email info@seehelptell.org.

You won't regret it.

Keep smiling,

The energy in the room when the doors opened at 8pm never waned throughout the night. Although the site did not officially launch until midnight, guests were kept busy with a red carpet background (a step and repeat banner for those of you in the know) for photo ops, a photobooth, and desserts and drinks.

Guests could make ONELIFE bracelets at each of the tables when they needed to rest their legs and take a break from dancing or listening to the sweet stylings of the Wake Fold Quartet.

Thank you so much to Madison, Sarah, and all of the volunteers that made the night such a success. And special props to DJ Enigma for the music that gave me so many great action shots, G and P Productions for the amazing videos that you can find at ONELIFE's YouTube channel, and Lisa of Siders Photography for working the event with me.

To check out even more pictures from the ONELIFE launch click here.


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