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Friday, September 30

Back to School

Sorry it's been so long since the last post but school started last Wednesday and I've been swamped. That's one thing about quarters, they waste no time getting started. This week for a business class we had to take a Myers-Briggs test and give a presentation on our personality types. For those of you who have never taken it before you take a 70-something question test with all yes or no answers and it spits out a 4 letter acronym at you. For example, I'm an ISFJ and Blake's an ENTP (yes- complete opposites). You can then look up your acronym and find out more about yourself. Your strengths, your weaknesses, your habits, your best suited careers, and your perfect mates. Or my favorite: all the famous people who share your acronym. I've got Queen Elizabeth II, Mother Theresa, and Robert E. Lee- strange mix.

While I found the whole experience pretty interesting, what I loved most about my personality profile was this: I'm born to be a portrait photographer! I already knew that but it was nice to hear it from a complete stranger who doesn't know me. I'm the kind of person who like making people feel good about themselves. I use my photography as a service to others. I make them feel comfortable and help them enjoy an experience that is special. I believe in the power of photography and anyone who has known me knows how much I love pictures.

I've always been iffy on personality tests because if you're broad enough- you'll match everyone. And I don't need a personality test to tell me who I am, what I love, or who I'll get along with. I was lucky enough to stumble on my passion through experience and a little help from my loved ones. I continue to learn and grow everyday. I have weird little eccentricities that a personality test will never be able to pinpoint.

That's what I love about people: at the heart we're all the same, but completely different. And it's why I'll never want to stop trying to capture that something that makes everyone special.

And because everything is better with a picture attached, here's my favorite picture I took this past week.

Take the test here or just keep smiling,


Tuesday, September 13

First Looks

So yesterday while skimming through my favorite blog, Jasmine Star, I happened upon an answer to a question I’d been asking myself for quite a while: how does she have time to take all of these gorgeous, one-on-one bride and groom shots? Her answer: first looks.

If a bride and groom decides to have a “first look” on their wedding day it means that they sit aside time before the ceremony to see each other privately (and of course take pictures). Now, I understand that some people want to keep the “tradition” of not seeing each other until the alter. But as Jasmine, and many other wedding photographers, will tell you- the new tradition is first looks.

For those of you who are more detail centered, here’s exactly how you would set up a first look session: The photographer and groom would wait at the shoot location (a room in the church or outside the church on a nice day) and the bride would then be called in. That way that moment when the groom first sees the bride is still captured but in a more intimate setting that can be followed by more breathtaking pictures.

As a photographer, I love the idea of a first look. It gives you time to have those one-on-one intimate pictures you can’t take after the ceremony when everyone is watching and the guests are all waiting for you so they can eat. If you make time to take pictures then the experience is so much more cathartic. Anyone who has ever been a part of a wedding party will tell you the day is completely packed full of last minute running around. If a bride and a groom does not make time to see each other alone and take pictures- it won’t happen. You’ll rush through the whole day and realize when it’s over you missed a big opportunity.

There’s no right or wrong way to go. But for those couples (or brides) that want a million pictures of their special day, a first look is a way to take pictures without being rushed by hungry guests.

Check out Jasmine’s post here and check out the amazing pictures she gets from “First Looks”.

Monday, September 5

Labor Day Weekend

Yay for holiday weekends. Anytime I get an extra day of work, I'm for it. This weekend was particularly nice.

Blake and I taught the 9:00 am Sunday school class for K-5th grade Sunday morning. It was our first time, but it went really well. It helps when it's a holiday weekend and only three kids show up. We spent Sunday afternoon and evening watching "Band of Brothers" on Blu-ray. And we wrapped up the night by meeting some friends for dinner.

Today Blake, who is the Percussion Caption Head for Canal Winchester's band, had to go to Canal's Labor Day Festival Parade. I decided to go along because I can't past up insanely unhealthy festival food. I took my camera along and had a pretty great time.

It was a pretty great weekend, which we needed. Blake starts back to college tomorrow and it's back to work for me. Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend also.

Stay smiling,


Friday, September 2

The September Issue


This week just flew by. Work was completely hectic and I've been trying to soak up these last few weeks of summer. I know that almost everyone is back in school which means I can feel my summer coming to an end and I'm not ready! Because all I see when school starts is the impending winter. It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I HATE winter. But I forget that there's an amazing 2 and a half months before the cold.

The September issue of Vogue came a few days ago. It's huge: 758 pages with Kate Moss rocking the cover. I normally read every word on every page of every issue but I'm not so sure I'll be able to finish this one. The arrival of the September issue means fall is here. It means that I can start wearing my boots again. And all of the clothes I have tucked away in the back of the closet, waiting for the first chilly days.

Autumn is my favorite because everything about it is beautiful. The colors, the clothes, the weather. I want it to last forever. We just have to get through the sweltering weekend first.

Stay cool and stay smiling!
(And Go Bucks!)