Saturday, April 12

These pictures are for me.

I wish I could capture a fraction of this moment. This feeling of a gorgeous day after an unbearable winter. Getting out of work early to come home and sit on the floor next to my fiancé in front of an open screen door watching my cats stare at the world outside of it. It's simple, but it's perfect.

I have my camera in hand but it doesn't do it justice. It doesn't capture the warmth of the sun on my skin. Or the soft sound of music coming from Blake's laptop near by. I take about 20 pictures before I give up. I'm disappointed in myself. Not for the inability to capture this moment, I'm disappointed because my first reaction is to share it, to caption it, to add a cute hashtag. I want to take a picture to show to all of my "friends" on social media, not so I can relive this moment in the future.

That's when I realize that my pictures aren't lacking anything. When I look at these pictures I feel the sun and I can hear that song. I can relive this moment through these pictures. Maybe my friends and followers won't get the same feeling from my pictures but that's okay. 

Because I was present in this moment and these pictures are for me.

Keep smiling,


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