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Saturday, November 10

Allison and Kevin Shaeffer: Pickerington, Ohio Wedding

She looked like a princess. Everyone who saw her that morning told her, too. Allison's always been a beautiful girl, but the way she was glowing last Saturday as she prepared to marry the love of her life was breathtaking. Everything about their special day was magical. From the amazing performance from her older brother during the ceremony to the barn that was transformed into a wonderland for the reception - it was fairy tale. And she was the princess.

Pickerington Church Wedding Photographer

Kevin and Allison opted to do a Hidden Session before the ceremony, which I like to think of as a First Look, without the looking. I love when couples choose to take pictures together before the ceremony. Whether they see each other or not, it always seems to calm the nerves and get the couples (even more) excited for the day's events. And I know that Kevin, under that bandanna, was dying to see his beautiful bride.
Blindfolded Groom Bride Photos

Blindfolded Groom Bride Photos

If Allison was a princess, Kevin was most definitely a prince. He looked dapper in his suit but was disappointed that he couldn't wear his dream tux from Dumb and Dumber (yes, the one with all the ruffles).

Kevin and Allison, thank you so much for letting me share your special day. I hope you two are having an amazing time in Hawaii and continue to live out your fairy tale one day at a time.

Keep smiling,

Barn Wedding Pickerington Photographer

Barn Wedding Pickerington Photographer

Barn Wedding Pickerington Photographer

Barn Wedding Pickerington Photographer

Barn Wedding Pickerington Photographer

To check out even more pictures from the Shaeffer wedding, check out the slideshow below. Internet Explorer users sometimes have problems viewing the embedded slideshow so check out the link here if that's you!