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Thursday, February 23

Couple Session: Michelle and Andy

"We have't had a photo session with just the 2 of us since our wedding in 1993," she explained in her first email to me. Michelle saw my Valentine's special through my Facebook page  and contacted me for a long over due photo shoot. The shoot was a little hard to schedule due to our lovely Ohio weather and the hectic schedule that comes with two children in sports, but when I arrived at their house last Saturday, the weather was behaving beautifully. Weird weather for February, but I'm not going to complain. Their house was situated back in a gorgeous wooded area with an amazing pond and cute little cabin behind. I love taking pictures at the subjects' homes because its so personal and reflects even more about them.

Michelle and Andy met at a local 4-H camp more than 25 years ago and you can still tell that they see each other just like those kids did when they first met. And I hope that Michelle is okay with me revealing her age here, but you can tell from the pictures, she's still absolutely beautiful. And at the risk of sounding like a squeaky teenage girl, these guys are so cute together! Thanks so much to both Michelle and Andy for sharing their lovely home with me!

Keep smiling!

Friday, February 17

Checking In

Things are always a little bit hectic in life. Blake says that I make myself busier than I have to be. It's actually gotten to the point that I have to put "relax for an hour" on my to-do list (and some days- I don't get to check it off). Yes, I'm one of those girls. I make lists. Lately things have gotten crazy, but an exciting kind of crazy. I had three amazing children's photography shoots in the last month that I've gotten so many compliments on. I mean, come one, who doesn't love baby pictures? I've got a couple's session tomorrow for a late Valentine's day present and I've got three gorgeous gals lined up to be my models for this upcoming Senior class that I will be shooting in the Spring. I'm excited. So excited. Things are falling in place. But in my "glass-half-empty" kind of thinking I slip into too easily... I should be doing more! I have exactly a million and half things on my to-do list. And it's updated daily. It's hard to not feel overwhelmed when you're trying to start a business while still a full-time student with a part-time job. Not to mention the fact that I should definitely be diagnosed with a case of internet ADD. I'm still working on my website, but between school, work, and editing all of my pictures on a prehistoric laptop, I unfortunately haven't made much progress. My new years resolution of networking within the industry is also lacking a progress report (but it's on the top of my list).

So really, I'm just checking in with you all. Letting you know that I'm still alive. Thank you all for the compliments, interest in my work, and your encouraging words. They revitalize me everyday so I can tackle that ever-present list. Lastly, in honor of Valentine's day and without getting too sappy, I'd like to thank Blake for being my rock. Every time I start to complain, give up, or just slow down he's there to push me on. I know his schedule, life, and dreams are just as crazy as mine but he always finds time to encourage me and support me. I know that with his help, hard work, and our reliance on God all of our dreams can and will come true.

My favorite recent purchase: my gift to Blake for Valentine's Day. 11x17 Prints from etsy.com
Keep smiling!

Tuesday, February 7

Wanted: 2013 Senior Models

It's already that time! Yep- if you're a Junior right now it's time to start thinking about Senior Pictures. I am looking for some 2013 Senior Models. Approximately 3 girls and 3 boys so please hurry up and apply. Here's what being my 2013 Senior Models means...
  • you get three gorgeous portrait sessions booked between March 1st and June 30th
  • a deep discount off of normal senior portraits (I'm talking FREE)
  • a cd with ALL of the pictures on it with full printing and sharing rights (not to mention bragging rights)
So here's what I'm looking for. Exceptionally gorgeous individuals who are going to be graduating in 2013 with mad style, a love of being in front of the camera, and the tendency of sharing great things with your friends. An appreciation for amazing free deals may also be helpful.

If you think that applies to you (or someone you know) and you're interested in all the great perks of being one of my 2013 Senior Models email me at kaylinanorton@gmail.com. Include your name, age, school, and a picture of you. You can nominate other people if you so wish (like your boyfriend) but please make sure they're okay with it so I can actually use them. You've got nothing to lose! If you're a 2012 Senior who hasn't had their pictures yet- there's still time! Email me today (you've got to stop procrastinating eventually) and we'll fix that right up.

Keep Smiling!

Sunday, February 5

Meet Aleah: 4 Month Baby Session

Aleah is one lucky girl- she has a mom, Mechelle, that never stops buying her outfits. And not only are those outfits exceptionally adorable, they come with accessories! When I first talked to Mechelle through my Facebook page, I let her know what she would need for a typical baby portrait session (a room with great windows for lots of natural light and a baby- that's about it) and sent her a link to some example sessions that I liked (Jessica Frey out of California has some amazing pictures). She responded back with about a bazillion pictures of outfits she had just bought for Aleah for the shoot and how excited she was. That's my kind of woman!

When I arrived at their house on Sunday I was greeted loudly by the dog, Lucky, who seemed to never stop barking. But that didn't bother 4 month old Aleah. She was so calm the whole time. She let mommy dress her up in three outfits and never seemed to stop talking to me. I wish I could speak baby, because she sure had a lot to say. Although it was a little hard to get her to crack a smile, Aleah had such bright, beautiful eyes, it was easy to get great pictures from her.

Mechelle, thank you so much for sharing Aleah with me for an hour! She's such a beautiful girl. And don't stop buying her stuff- she's definitely the best dressed baby that I know.

Keep smiling,

Friday, February 3

Meet Jonas and Owen: 5 months and 3 year old Children's Session

I've decided that there is nothing cuter than a 3 year old boy competing for attention against his adorable 5 month old brother. You might remember these two from the newborn shoot I did of Jonas, here. Owen had been my big helper that day, taking pictures with his Elmo camera for me. But when I arrived at the Glay home on Saturday, 3-year-old Owen wanted nothing to do with me. He was watching Finding Nemo and was just fine on that couch by himself. So mommy Nicole took Jonas and I into another room with incredible light and we set up shop. It didn't take long for Owen's inner photographer to kick in and join me, this time using mommy's real camera. After several "oopsies" dropping the camera and a few pictures of his eye, daddy convinced Owen his time was better spent on something else. We all moved upstairs for even more amazing light (seriously, Nicole, your house is amazing). Jonas was just the happiest, low maintenance baby in the world with bright eyes that loved the camera. I couldn't have asked for an easier model. Not to be outdone, halfway through the shoot I look over and see that Owen has put on his Halloween M&M costume and is standing next to me inside of his little brother's whale bath tub. Cutest thing ever. He had won- we gave Jonas a break and spent the rest of the time shooting Owen. In all the glory of a three year old boy: temporary pirate tattoo, house slippers, his favorite football t-shirt, jumping on his bed.

It was such a fun shoot that kept me laughing and running around. Thank you so much to the Glay family for sharing a beautiful afternoon with me. The boys are absolutely hilarious and I'm sure they'll keep things exciting for you for many years to come.

Keep smiling,