Friday, February 3

Meet Jonas and Owen: 5 months and 3 year old Children's Session

I've decided that there is nothing cuter than a 3 year old boy competing for attention against his adorable 5 month old brother. You might remember these two from the newborn shoot I did of Jonas, here. Owen had been my big helper that day, taking pictures with his Elmo camera for me. But when I arrived at the Glay home on Saturday, 3-year-old Owen wanted nothing to do with me. He was watching Finding Nemo and was just fine on that couch by himself. So mommy Nicole took Jonas and I into another room with incredible light and we set up shop. It didn't take long for Owen's inner photographer to kick in and join me, this time using mommy's real camera. After several "oopsies" dropping the camera and a few pictures of his eye, daddy convinced Owen his time was better spent on something else. We all moved upstairs for even more amazing light (seriously, Nicole, your house is amazing). Jonas was just the happiest, low maintenance baby in the world with bright eyes that loved the camera. I couldn't have asked for an easier model. Not to be outdone, halfway through the shoot I look over and see that Owen has put on his Halloween M&M costume and is standing next to me inside of his little brother's whale bath tub. Cutest thing ever. He had won- we gave Jonas a break and spent the rest of the time shooting Owen. In all the glory of a three year old boy: temporary pirate tattoo, house slippers, his favorite football t-shirt, jumping on his bed.

It was such a fun shoot that kept me laughing and running around. Thank you so much to the Glay family for sharing a beautiful afternoon with me. The boys are absolutely hilarious and I'm sure they'll keep things exciting for you for many years to come.

Keep smiling,


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