Sunday, February 5

Meet Aleah: 4 Month Baby Session

Aleah is one lucky girl- she has a mom, Mechelle, that never stops buying her outfits. And not only are those outfits exceptionally adorable, they come with accessories! When I first talked to Mechelle through my Facebook page, I let her know what she would need for a typical baby portrait session (a room with great windows for lots of natural light and a baby- that's about it) and sent her a link to some example sessions that I liked (Jessica Frey out of California has some amazing pictures). She responded back with about a bazillion pictures of outfits she had just bought for Aleah for the shoot and how excited she was. That's my kind of woman!

When I arrived at their house on Sunday I was greeted loudly by the dog, Lucky, who seemed to never stop barking. But that didn't bother 4 month old Aleah. She was so calm the whole time. She let mommy dress her up in three outfits and never seemed to stop talking to me. I wish I could speak baby, because she sure had a lot to say. Although it was a little hard to get her to crack a smile, Aleah had such bright, beautiful eyes, it was easy to get great pictures from her.

Mechelle, thank you so much for sharing Aleah with me for an hour! She's such a beautiful girl. And don't stop buying her stuff- she's definitely the best dressed baby that I know.

Keep smiling,