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Wednesday, July 25

Pitman Family Portraits - Canal Winchester, Ohio

When Julie contacted me and told me she was interested in having her family portraits taken at Slate Run Farm, I was instantly excited for the shoot. And when she told me she had two boys, ages 2 and 10 months, I got even more excited. The last time I had a shoot at Slate Run it was for the Faz Engagement/Family shoot in March. And it was so much fun then, that I knew the Pitman Family shoot last Saturday was going to be absolutely amazing. Then Julie threw in the cherry on top: she was bringing suckers.

Julie and Roy are an adorable couple that has made an incredibly beautiful family with their sons Samuel and Andrew. I started the shoot by hanging back and just capturing the way they interacted with each other while they walked around the farm. We stopped to check out the sheep, chickens, and even a 1 day old baby calf.  And after the grand tour and lots of pictures along the way, Samuel and Andrew were given lollipops and the cuteness factor was instantly multiplied by 100.

Roy and Julie, thank you so much for spending last Saturday with me and sharing your gorgeous boys with me! I had a great time taking your pictures and I hope I captured your boys just as you know and love them.

Keep smiling,

Tuesday, July 17

Thanks, Yoda.

"Everything will work out how it's going to work out and whether we think it's good or not it will be what it is."

I was supposed to move last weekend. I had been planning and packing for weeks not to mention spending money and getting excited for months. But when moving day got here - we packed all of our stuff in 5 cars and drove all the way to the apartment complex only to find out out that there was no apartment ready for us to move in to. 

Major disappointment. 
So now I'm waiting. Waiting and living out of boxes back at my parents' house. 

I've been trying my hardest to stay positive. Delaying the move has given me extra time to catch up on editing (finishing up my last wedding now) and I have a proofing site that is very close to being launched (my two shoots this weekend will get to be my guinea pigs). And of course, to bounce back even faster I went on a shopping spree (and didn't even have buyer's remorse afterwards)!

After the initial anger and disappointment wore off, I spoke to a friend on Facebook and he provided me with those pearly words of wisdom at the top of this post. You should have seen my face; I re-read the sentence three times before I finally replied, "Thanks, Yoda". 

While the sentence may have an air of philosophy and grandeur to it, it is the truth. So if any of you are out there waiting, hoping, or praying for something - stop worrying. Go do something that you do have control of. Or just go do something fun. Because as a wise friend once said, "it will be what it is".

Keep smiling!

Sunday, July 15

Setting the Scene

The first thing I do when I get to a new venue on the day of the wedding is walk around the location a few times. I want to get a feel for the venue and pick out a few different options for family pictures, the bridal party, and a first-look location. While on this walk I take a few pictures of the places that really speak to me and that I feel capture the essence of the location. After all, the bride and groom picked this venue for a reason and it's my job to tell their love story through pictures.

And you can't tell a story without first setting the scene.

Keep smiling!

Tuesday, July 10

Stay in Character...

"So you're Caley Norton?"

Yes, I lied. But I had just gotten a human on the phone after frustratingly punching buttons and enunciating way too loudly into the phone for 15 minutes - I wasn't going to lose her because I didn't happen to be the name on the package that had somehow gotten lost in the last 20 miles of its journey. Apparently, my house doesn't exist to this certain delivery company even though they had successfully delivered two other packages to my house the day before. So now I was impersonating my mother trying desperately to track down the package I had been waiting weeks for.

"I just want to change the address that it's being delivered to," I begged. Still pretending I was Caley, I told her to send it to my "husband's" work address. But I couldn't remember the name of the company my dad works for so that wouldn't work either.

Completely exasperated and forgetting that I was supposed to be my mother (a married woman) I snapped, "Fine. Just send it to my boyfriend's house."


Keep smiling!

My gorgeous parents