Tuesday, July 17

Thanks, Yoda.

"Everything will work out how it's going to work out and whether we think it's good or not it will be what it is."

I was supposed to move last weekend. I had been planning and packing for weeks not to mention spending money and getting excited for months. But when moving day got here - we packed all of our stuff in 5 cars and drove all the way to the apartment complex only to find out out that there was no apartment ready for us to move in to. 

Major disappointment. 
So now I'm waiting. Waiting and living out of boxes back at my parents' house. 

I've been trying my hardest to stay positive. Delaying the move has given me extra time to catch up on editing (finishing up my last wedding now) and I have a proofing site that is very close to being launched (my two shoots this weekend will get to be my guinea pigs). And of course, to bounce back even faster I went on a shopping spree (and didn't even have buyer's remorse afterwards)!

After the initial anger and disappointment wore off, I spoke to a friend on Facebook and he provided me with those pearly words of wisdom at the top of this post. You should have seen my face; I re-read the sentence three times before I finally replied, "Thanks, Yoda". 

While the sentence may have an air of philosophy and grandeur to it, it is the truth. So if any of you are out there waiting, hoping, or praying for something - stop worrying. Go do something that you do have control of. Or just go do something fun. Because as a wise friend once said, "it will be what it is".

Keep smiling!


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