Tuesday, July 10

Stay in Character...

"So you're Caley Norton?"

Yes, I lied. But I had just gotten a human on the phone after frustratingly punching buttons and enunciating way too loudly into the phone for 15 minutes - I wasn't going to lose her because I didn't happen to be the name on the package that had somehow gotten lost in the last 20 miles of its journey. Apparently, my house doesn't exist to this certain delivery company even though they had successfully delivered two other packages to my house the day before. So now I was impersonating my mother trying desperately to track down the package I had been waiting weeks for.

"I just want to change the address that it's being delivered to," I begged. Still pretending I was Caley, I told her to send it to my "husband's" work address. But I couldn't remember the name of the company my dad works for so that wouldn't work either.

Completely exasperated and forgetting that I was supposed to be my mother (a married woman) I snapped, "Fine. Just send it to my boyfriend's house."


Keep smiling!

My gorgeous parents


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