Tuesday, September 13

First Looks

So yesterday while skimming through my favorite blog, Jasmine Star, I happened upon an answer to a question I’d been asking myself for quite a while: how does she have time to take all of these gorgeous, one-on-one bride and groom shots? Her answer: first looks.

If a bride and groom decides to have a “first look” on their wedding day it means that they sit aside time before the ceremony to see each other privately (and of course take pictures). Now, I understand that some people want to keep the “tradition” of not seeing each other until the alter. But as Jasmine, and many other wedding photographers, will tell you- the new tradition is first looks.

For those of you who are more detail centered, here’s exactly how you would set up a first look session: The photographer and groom would wait at the shoot location (a room in the church or outside the church on a nice day) and the bride would then be called in. That way that moment when the groom first sees the bride is still captured but in a more intimate setting that can be followed by more breathtaking pictures.

As a photographer, I love the idea of a first look. It gives you time to have those one-on-one intimate pictures you can’t take after the ceremony when everyone is watching and the guests are all waiting for you so they can eat. If you make time to take pictures then the experience is so much more cathartic. Anyone who has ever been a part of a wedding party will tell you the day is completely packed full of last minute running around. If a bride and a groom does not make time to see each other alone and take pictures- it won’t happen. You’ll rush through the whole day and realize when it’s over you missed a big opportunity.

There’s no right or wrong way to go. But for those couples (or brides) that want a million pictures of their special day, a first look is a way to take pictures without being rushed by hungry guests.

Check out Jasmine’s post here and check out the amazing pictures she gets from “First Looks”.


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