Friday, September 30

Back to School

Sorry it's been so long since the last post but school started last Wednesday and I've been swamped. That's one thing about quarters, they waste no time getting started. This week for a business class we had to take a Myers-Briggs test and give a presentation on our personality types. For those of you who have never taken it before you take a 70-something question test with all yes or no answers and it spits out a 4 letter acronym at you. For example, I'm an ISFJ and Blake's an ENTP (yes- complete opposites). You can then look up your acronym and find out more about yourself. Your strengths, your weaknesses, your habits, your best suited careers, and your perfect mates. Or my favorite: all the famous people who share your acronym. I've got Queen Elizabeth II, Mother Theresa, and Robert E. Lee- strange mix.

While I found the whole experience pretty interesting, what I loved most about my personality profile was this: I'm born to be a portrait photographer! I already knew that but it was nice to hear it from a complete stranger who doesn't know me. I'm the kind of person who like making people feel good about themselves. I use my photography as a service to others. I make them feel comfortable and help them enjoy an experience that is special. I believe in the power of photography and anyone who has known me knows how much I love pictures.

I've always been iffy on personality tests because if you're broad enough- you'll match everyone. And I don't need a personality test to tell me who I am, what I love, or who I'll get along with. I was lucky enough to stumble on my passion through experience and a little help from my loved ones. I continue to learn and grow everyday. I have weird little eccentricities that a personality test will never be able to pinpoint.

That's what I love about people: at the heart we're all the same, but completely different. And it's why I'll never want to stop trying to capture that something that makes everyone special.

And because everything is better with a picture attached, here's my favorite picture I took this past week.

Take the test here or just keep smiling,



  1. 1) I enjoy your writing style. Very Kaylina. 2) I took this tests and it told me to study business (like every other test I've taken) or to join the military. Also, my buddies are Rockefeller, Carnegie and 14 US Presidents. I'm in cooking school :)