Sunday, October 16

All in the Details

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting a beautiful Sweetest Day wedding. However getting to that wedding and rehearsal dinner the night before was not exactly easy. The rehearsal was to start at 4:30 Friday night. At approximately 3:00, I blew a tire on my car. Luckily, I have an  amazing, heroic uncle who came to my rescue. Because Lord knows that I don't know the first thing about simple car repairs. And no, as my uncle pointed out, they do not teach you how to change a tire in college. The following morning while in the shower, getting ready for the wedding, the water pump went out. But other than my troubles behind the scene, the wedding went incredibly smoothly and was a beautiful ceremony. Everyone pitched in to make everything beautiful and every detail was perfect. A lovely way to celebrate love and Sweetest day.

Keep smiling,



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