Thursday, November 3

Lessons and Thanksgivings

It's my dream to be a successful wedding photographer (I don't know if you could notice by the blog or anything). And the month of October was such a great month for my budding business. I got to shoot a beautiful wedding and some amazing family pictures. But most importantly, I learned a lot. Through  every conversation with potential clients and every photo shoot- I was given the opportunity to succeed and to fail. And no matter what the outcome, I got to take a step away from the situation and start to analyze. I guess it's just the college student in me, but I'm always preparing for that next test, the next conversation, the next shoot. So I can do better. I want to improve. I want to find new amazing ways to suprise my clients and my self.  I want to offer them everything they've dreamed of and give them so much more. Lofty goals, I know. But you have to aim for the stars.

And I've got some crazy day dreams. The wish list of photography equipment I have compiled is too long and about $100,000 too crazy to think about without making me drool. The schedule I dream about having in a few years after I 'make it big' requires a few additional months on the calendar and at least 8 more daylight hours. Now of course I do have the regular kinds of day dreams too- an ice cream truck tips over in front of my house, I find an inexpensive high heel that's just as comfortable as my flip flops, and all of the rude drivers in the world are abducted by aliens. Those are normal day dreams, right?

Until the day of to-die-for camera lenses and unlimited ice cream, I'm okay with having my feet on the ground. Because I have an amazing  family and friends who couldn't be more supportive. Thank you so much to the clients who have already taken a chance on me. And a huge thanks to anyone reading this blog. It means more than you could ever know.

It's November now. The month of amazing fall colors and thankfulness. The month is already starting out pretty well- I have a family shoot Saturday and a 'just for fun' shoot Sunday with a couple, so new pictures will be arriving shortly. Both of these were scheduled completely last minute. So if you still want to squeeze in some last minute family pictures or get a great fall photo shoot before the weather turns terrible- please, contact me. Like always- it's Kaylina Norton Photography on Facebook or you can email And expect a lot more of my bubbly, happy rants throughout this month leading up to Turkey Day. Until then I'll be dreaming and learning from everything. Because life's tests are always cumulative.

And because everything is better with a picture attached... Meet Weezy, my hedgehog. She makes me pretty happy.

Love you guys and keep smiling!


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