Monday, October 22

Meet Tom Marvolo Riddle

We've had Tom for 4 weeks now. And he was nothing but adorable. For the first two days. And then he turned ornery. He plays the way that all kittens do- by biting and scratching. I'm not sure who appreciates it less, my hand or Schnickas, our 19 pound, 4 year old cat. But I think she's on to a good solution. When Tom gets annoying- she sits on him. 

Tom's new favorite thing is to wait until I'm in my most comfortable, deepest sleep and then start "playing" with my face. He's cute all right but I'm pretty sure he is every bit the dark wizard he's named after. After waking me up 9 times last night we finally had to resort to mind games. Now, the mortal enemy of all cats worldwide guards our bedroom door: the vacuum cleaner. I'm not proud of it. But I intend on getting a good night's sleep tonight.

Keep smiling,


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