Thursday, January 12

Bridal Show Revelations

I recently attended the Columbus Bridal show and can tell you that Bridal Shows are not for the faint of heart. Very crowded. Very hot. Very overwhelming. But I did get the opportunity to meet and talk with about a thousand wedding photographers (slight over exaggeration). Most of them assumed I was a bride to be and I didn't exactly correct them. I guess that's a little dishonest but it did give me the chance to experience wedding photographers as the customer. So that makes up for it, right? So here's my honest assessment- there were a lot of great photographers there but there were a lot of terrible ones too. So once you've sorted the great from the terrible- how do you decide?

My answer: pick someone you gel with. Most people (including me) are camera shy but they still want great pictures. Most people aren't models and putting them in front of a camera makes them painfully aware of how awkward their hands are. Seriously, where are you supposed to put them!? So find a photographer who is a kindred spirit- someone who can put you at ease and make you comfortable in front of a camera. I say it all the time but photography is such a personal thing. Your pictures are unique and they're a chance to capture you. The essence of you. So find someone who gets you. Find someone who understands the love you and your mate have.

Find a photographer with a similar style to you. I have a very photo journalistic approach to photography. I love candids and the moments between the poses. I don't do studio photography because it's not natural to me. I want to capture my subjects in their natural habitats. In the middle of their lives. In the middle of the happiest moments of their lives. I like to keep my subjects moving because I love variety. A few quick snaps in each pose and we move on. I will sing, dance, and tell cheesy jokes to get that natural smile out of you because there's nothing more attractive than a laugh. I am a one woman show. When you email, call, or text me- I answer. On your wedding day I'm normally there before you and leave after you. And I'm the one who goes through every picture I take and prepare it just for you. I love what I do. I honestly enjoy making people feel comfortable and beautiful. It's my job to make you gorgeous and I love doing it. It's not every day you get a photo shoot- so you might as well enjoy it.

There are a lot of choices out there. And as you plan your wedding you will be overwhelmed from time to time. But just remember to look for those people who are just like you. My style may not fit everyone, and that's fine. These are your photos, your engagement, your wedding- surround yourself with people who can make you comfortable and keep things fun.

Because everything's better with a picture here are some of the pictures I've taken for my resolution to take a picture everyday. 12 days and going strong! Have any questions for me? You can email me at or leave a comment on my Facebook page. Like my blog, my pictures, or just my name? Share me with your friends!

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