Wednesday, January 25

Meet Melody: 18 Month Baby Session

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Miss Melody this past Saturday. Her bright blue eyes and gorgeous fair skin were the spitting image of her beautiful mommy, Jamie. Our shoot lasted about an hour and Melody warmed up to me almost immediately. We had a lot of fun dumping a 1000 piece puzzle out of its box, pounding on piano keys, and with the help of mommy, flipping upside down. Over and over again. Miss Melody does have a great older brother, JR, that visited us frequently but was more interested in his new karate moves than sitting still for pictures. After an hour of running around, changing outfits (which Melody helped pick out herself), and a lot of giggles, we were all worn down and I got some great shots of Melody with mommy before I left.

Thanks to mommy and big brother for sharing Melody and their day with me- she's a gorgeous little girl with a lot of love surrounding her.

Keep Smiling!


  1. These are absolutely adorable! Melo's eyes are gorgeous! Jamie, you're little girl is so cute. Kaylina, great pics!