Tuesday, December 13

12 Days of Christmas

We have officially entered the 12 days of Christmas (which means 16 days until my birthday and 18 until New Years for those of you who are keeping track). This past weekend I had two full day shoots and I am sore! I never noticed how much I squat on shoots until I reached the end of the wedding Sunday and my calves were screaming. I know, the terribly difficult life of a wedding photographer, they should write epic poems in my honor. But physical pain aside- this weekend was a constant reminder of how blessed I am to do what I do. I get to spend my days actively practicing my passion and share in some of the most important moments of my clients' lives.

The Princess Ball was absolutely inspiring. The stories that some of the girls had and the people that stepped out of the woodwork to help put this event together was nothing short of a miracle. Every girl (close to 70 of them) got to dress up for one night and feel like the princesses that they are. Myself and several other local photographers got some great pictures of these girls and I know that these families will treasure the memories forever. For me it was like shooting 70 weddings at once- capturing all the girls getting their hair and make-up done; getting in their dresses; sharing their first dances with their fathers- it was a magical evening. For every girl it was their special night. Definitely an amazing event that every girl (and her father) should experience at least one. And it's not too late- wheels are already in motion for next year's Princess Ball. I will keep you updated on its progress. A special thanks to Fairfield Christian Church North Campus for hosting the event and the gorgeous Marissa Bailey for putting it all together. You are one incredible lady!

The Kimes wedding on Sunday was equally amazing. Held in the OSU Faculty Club, the wedding was such a beautiful display of a young couple's love. Sam and Evan were all smiles all day and I couldn't help but share their excitement. They were such great models- a gorgeous couple. Evan, the groom, brought his fiercest modeling moves and Sam, the bride, was absolutely glowing all night. My favorite detail of the day- a baby pine tree for every guest so they can "plant a tree for love". I'll have a full post of their wedding soon but here are a few sneak peak pictures to tie you over.

Keep smiling!


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