Tuesday, December 6

November Wedding: Chris + Jyssika Dunn

There was magic in the air. It’s hard not to have that feeling on 11.11.11- the coolest date for a wedding that I could ever think of. Jyssi did a nice job of picking out the date which held special meaning to her, being her late grandfather’s birthday. It was a beautiful (although quite chilly) Friday in Baltimore, Ohio. The church gave off such a wonderful, intimate feeling that made every guest and family member feel close to the young couple as they pledged their lives to one another.

Jyssika was absolutely gorgeous in her dress and has an infectious smile that you can’t help but want to be around.

Chris and his groomsmen, in camo accented tuxes, stayed pretty loose all evening and gave me some great opportunities for candid shots in between the formal group pictures.

I love watching the couples interact after the ceremony- it’s time to let their hair down and enjoy the months of planning that went into the day. Chris and Jyssi were immediately joking and whispering to each other in a small room off of the chapel as they waited for their guests to be dismissed. And when Chris went AWOL during the family group shots after the ceremony, I got to watch Jyssi’s face as she asked, “where is my husband?”- the first time she got to call Chris her husband. She laughed and admitted it felt a little weird to call him that but he was by her side in a second. And I know he always will be. Their love is evident and I’m so blessed to have been a part of their special day.

For even more pictures from the Dunn Wedding check out the slideshow below.
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