Thursday, May 10

Countdown to Now

There are 27 days until my last day of this quarter and 360 days until I graduate from college.

I'm a planner. Anyone who knows me well knows that. Heck, anyone who has ever sat beside me in a class knows that. I have two hand drawn calendars in the front of my notebook (one for school and one for my photo shoots) and at least two lists of things to do at all times (Homework to do list, Photography to do list, Things to accomplish at work, Things to clean at home). But my newest vice is countdowns. I check them everyday and sometimes twice a day (just in case they've changed since the last time I looked). But don't worry, I don't go through and count the days myself, I'm not crazy. I've got an app for that.

But the other day, Blake, in his usual (sometimes annoying) wisdom asked me one question: "What's wrong with right now?"

Uhhhhh... I didn't really have an answer. Actually, when I stop to think about it- there was nothing. There's nothing wrong with "right now". Sure, I may be constantly embarrassing myself in a drawing class where my work looks consistently like I had someone's 5 year old sister draw it for me, and I may have a pimple on the very tip of my nose that gives me a strong resemblance to Rudolph at the moment, but I am happy. And not "happy" in the way that people really mean "content". I mean happy as in joy-filled, smiling all the time, and constantly realizing how blessed I am. I spend all my time with these lists of what I have to do next and these countdowns to the future but as Blake so kindly pointed out, there's nothing wrong with right now.

So my challenge to all of my amazing friends, family, and supporters through this crazy journey is simple:
Spend one day this weekend just enjoying the now. Stop thinking, stop planning, stop worrying. Sit down and recognize all of the blessings you have. And if those blessings happen to be people, tell them.

In honor of Mother's Day and because every post is better with a picture, here's a photo I took of the most amazing woman in my life who is truly one of my blessings, my mom (and my dad's not too shabby either).

Keep smiling!


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