Wednesday, May 16

How to Do Your Make-up for Your Photo Shoot

Let me start out by saying that I am not a professional make-up artist and I can't teach you how to do a "smokey eye" (I've been trying for years). With that being said, Photography is all about capturing you in a way that's real and in a way that you'll want to share. I love my job because I get to make everyone feel special and beautiful. So please don't stress. I promise that your normal routine is perfect, these are just some broad tips about what to do and what not to do if you're feeling a little anxious getting ready for an upcoming photo shoot.

1. Natural is key
I do realize that there are people out there that like to look like the stars of Toddlers and Tiara's but I would recommend that less is more. In preparing for this post I did a little research and found that a lot of places recommend that you do your normal make-up and then cake on even more. I do not recommend that. Because I am a natural lighting photographer, I don't think you need to cake on the make-up because I'm not going to use any studio lights to wash-out your face. So take it easy. Do your hair; do your make-up. But remember that we want to see the real you, so keep it simple.

These ladies did a great job of having beautiful, natural looks for their senior shoots last month.

2. Oil free make-up
While I don't use studio lighting, I do use the sun. So try to use oil free make-up the day of your shoot. The sun has a nasty habit of picking up the shine of the make-up and making our faces look oily. Along that line, don't use sun screen the day of the shoot. Sunscreen actually has something in it that reflects the rays of the sun (that's about as specific as I can get- I'm not a scientist). So leave the SPF at home just for the day. Your oil free face will thank you.

3. Lip gloss not lip balm
This tip actually surprised me a little bit when I first heard it but it's super simple and only needs one sentence of explanation: Lip balm (or chap stick) settles in to the cracks of your lips making those cracks even more noticeable; lip gloss doesn't do that. If you're not sold yet- here's another thing I've noticed but is not proven (because I'm not a scientist)- chap sticks often give lips a purple or white look instead of a nice pretty, pink or red. So if you do need something for your lips that day, bring some lip gloss along.

4. Easy on the sparkles
Speaking of lip gloss... go easy on the sparkles and the glitter and just pick a nice, natural color with just a little bit of shine. The same goes for eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, or any other product you're using that day. Just stay away from glitter and sparkles. Now I'm all for shimmers, I don't even think they make eyeshadow without a little shimmer in it (or at least I don't use any). I'm just saying that some really sparkly lips may distract us from how gorgeous your eyes are. So sparkle responsibly, ladies.

5. Don't skip the basics
Please remember to do the usual stuff. Pluck your eyebrows, cut your nails, paint your toe-nails if that's all part of your normal routine. You may think that we won't see your feet or your hands but you'd be surprised how many of you limbs I can fit in a picture. So just make sure you're well groomed for the day because we want to show off all of you.

6. Don't worry
Please don't cancel your shoot because your face decided to declare war on you the night before and you have a fresh set of pimples. And please don't go out and spend $200 on a teeth whitening treatment. Small blemishes or insecurities you have we can work with. It's incredibly easy to remove those pimples you're worried about and whiten those teeth a little bit. If you really don't like your feet- tell your photographer and we'll try not to showcase them. Photo shoots are times to have fun and let all of your worries and insecurities slip to the background. So just remember to be confident and smile, it's my job to make you look good.

Hope this helped at least one person out there. Please leave comments with your own tips or questions, I'd love to hear them! And Don't forget to like Kaylina Norton Photography on Facebook to stay in the loop!

Keep smiling!


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