Friday, March 8

Finding Inspiration in the Routine

Lately I've been working on re-vamping my photography business. I graduate in 52 days and the end of winter is in sight. So I'm prepping for the new wedding season by reading a lot of blogs, watching some great photography courses on line, and, of course, doing my homework. Bidding my time until I can actually take my camera outside.

The biggest thing I've undertaken is re-branding my web presence by updating my website and blog. But before I can do that- I need to know which direction to go. So my first homework assignment was to go on a Photo Safari to find out a little more about myself. I went around my apartment and took pictures of my favorite things.

And I did learn a few things. One, I apparently like grey. But more importantly I learned that there are things in my apartment that still inspire me despite the fact I see them everyday. I found myself drawn to these things for different reasons. Textures, colors, patterns, emotions. But regardless of the story behind them or what I liked about them, they were mine and they were a source of inspiration.

It made me start thinking about inspiration and how great it feels to be inspired. That excited high you get when you're looking forward to something, when you feel like you're about to go out and accomplish something. Sadly, I don't think it happens often enough. So many days I get up, get ready, drive to work, go to work, go to class, drive home, clean the apartment, and go to bed. So many days there's nothing in between that's noteworthy. Nothing that gets me excited for the next day, next week, or next big thing.

But if I can get inspired by a scarf I was too lazy to put away and threw over a chair instead- If I can spend twenty minutes roaming my apartment with a camera and get excited about my future- then I know that whenever I'm feeling drained by my routine I can inspire myself in the little things. As long as I have that camera in my hands, I can see beauty in anything and get excited for life again.

So I would challenge you, internet - if you ever find yourself running low on inspiration - look around at what you have and get inspired. Maybe you don't need a camera, maybe you need to put some headphones on and listen to your favorite music, or maybe you need to go run. But find something that makes you happy to be you and just get inspired.

Keep smiling,


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