Tuesday, March 19

Meet James: 2013 Senior Portraits - Reynoldsburg, Ohio

I met James last Friday to take his senior pictures at Blacklick Woods Metro Park in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Because James is graduating in a few short months, we braved the 40 degree weather and managed to have a fun time despite the fact that my fingers were bright red and he was wearing a t-shirt for half the shoot. James brought his mom, Patti and his beautiful beagle, Kennedy, to the shoot as well and even patiently sat through his mom and I's explanation of the Six Million Dollar Man and all of our accompanying (and terrible) sound effects. And for those reasons, James is an amazing and very brave soul.

James will be graduating this May from Mid-East CTC in Zanesville and plans on attending Hocking College next year. He's currently in the Natural Resources program at his high school and is also involved in cross country and swimming. So by all definitions, he's an "outdoorsy" guy which makes it even better that he didn't laugh at me when I told him I didn't know a snipe was a real bird.

James and Patti- thanks so much for spending an evening with me and for laughing when I almost made James fall into a creek instead of pushing me in as well!

Keep smiling!


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