Tuesday, March 26

Still patiently waiting for Spring

A few Fridays ago it was gorgeous out (well, gorgeous for Ohio weather) - 60 degrees and sunny. Who cares that there were still piles of snow on the ground? Ever since that day I've been more than a little antsy to get outside and enjoy Spring. The problem is that every day since then has been 40 degrees... tops. I've been so desperate to get outside I let Blake talk me into going rock climbing with him.

A little clarifying note here - I DO NOT climb. I hyperventilate climbing the stairs to a top of a water slide, squeal and clamp my eyes shut on escalators, and have to sit down in glass elevators. I do not like heights. I do, however, like to sit at the bottom and take pictures.

That man with the terrible choice of pants is Blake's friend, John but when he wears those I pretend I don't know him.

Unfortunately, there was a casualty that day. And I almost got beaten up by a kid who was a little overprotective of his favorite toy.

Keep smiling,


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