Wednesday, March 13

Meet Persius

It started out as what I consider to be a healthy fear of bathrooms. I'm terrified of scary movies, so I've seen less than a dozen in my entire life, but the few I have- always have bathroom scenes. Which led me to develop the ritual of always checking behind the shower curtain (or any other hiding place) for murderers before I do my business.

In high school I worked at a family owned ice cream shop for four years. The bathroom in the back for workers was barely big enough for one occupant, let alone a hiding place for a crazed serial killer, but I never took any chances. Every time I slipped through the door I would push back the lid on the trash can to make sure no pint size terror was waiting for me. I explained this (completely rational) fear to my co-workers and even named the fictional threat- Persius the creepy gnome. So for the next couple years there was a long standing joke about Persius the gnome waiting patiently in the bathroom trash can for the right moment to strike.

Then one day, he did. One day I pushed back the trash can lid and there he was- crinkled, murderous eyes, a blood red hat, and hands that would certainly be my demise (okay, maybe he looked more sinister in the trash can and in my mind). I screamed, everyone laughed, and Persius, the bathroom gnome, found a new home. I've had him guarding my dvd collection for the past four years. He's a little top heavy and occasionally falls from his post, scaring the bejezus out of me, but I've come to appreciate him and his creepy, watchful eye and trust the he's not waiting to kill me.

This does not, however, stop me from checking behind the shower curtain every time I enter the bathroom. You can never be too careful.

Keep smiling,


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