Friday, January 11

My Life Motto...

"Kaylina, you honestly hesitated before you pulled into that bank today because it said 'exit only'".

He had me there. A couple of weeks ago, on our way back up from our mini-vacation to Florida, Blake brought up the saying, "It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission". I had boasted immediately that not only was I familiar with the phrase, I lived by it.

He didn't even try to hide his laughter. "Whaattt?" I asked in mock surprise, like I didn't know exactly what he found funny. "Psh, whatever," I muttered after he couldn't stop laughing long enough to answer me, dropping the subject (and yes, internet, I really said "psh").

Somehow that phrase was brought up again the other day. And this time, Blake gave me a list to support his laughter.

I obey all road signs, always pay in perfect change, and have panic attacks if I don't complete the optional readings for a class.

I did my best grumpy cat impression while he was talking but at the end, I had to laugh too. I am not a badass. I follow rules and I am extremely considerate and polite to complete strangers. So yes, I may need to find a more fitting life motto, but I guess I'm okay with that.

On another note, I can't wait for summer

Keep smiling,


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