Tuesday, June 19

Not Quite a Senior Yet...

I finished my junior year of college two weeks ago. Although you'd never know it from this blog because I've been as silent as the crypt. I've been swamped with mostly senior pictures and an engagement and a wedding here and there. Things are busier than ever and for that I am very thankful. But I wanted to pause and take a moment to write a very personal blog post for my father.

Sunday was Father's day and today is my Father's 50th birthday. In honor of both of these occasions I just wanted to thank my dad for being the great man that he is. For always picking my brother and I up when we ran to greet him at the door when he got home from a long day's work and for having a sense of humor through my less agreeable teenage years. For all that you do daddy, you're the best. And I love you.

Happy birthday and according to Ohio, you have five more years until you're a Senior. Use them wisely.

Keep smiling,


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