Saturday, December 8

Jennifer and Thomas Wheeler: Newark, Ohio Wedding

To steal a line from the best man's speech, "Tommy and Jen with Karoline could be models for a Sears catalog. They're the perfect little family". Okay, I might be paraphrasing it a little bit- I'm sure it didn't sound as girly when he said it. But I couldn't agree with him more. Tommy was looking quite dapper in his suit when I met him in the Sanctuary of the St. Francis de Sales Parish in Newark, Ohio last Saturday. Jen was absolutely gorgeous as she got ready in a room down the hall. And Karoline, Jen's beautiful daughter was wowing everyone she ran across as she was searching all over the church for her Daddy, Tommy.

I love how happy Karoline is in this picture...

The wedding ceremony, and the church it was in, was just as gorgeous as the weather outside. 60 degrees on the first of December? I'll take it, Ohio. It gave us a great chance to take pictures outside with the wedding party I've dubbed the "funnest" wedding party ever (yeah, I said "funnest"- there's no other word to describe them). I don't normally include so many group pictures in my sneak peak but this wedding was about friends and family. And Tommy and Jen have been extremely blessed with theirs.

Newark Ohio Wedding Photographer

Can we have a moment of silence for how gorgeous she is!? 
Newark Ohio Wedding Photographer

Newark Ohio Wedding Photographer

Newark Ohio Wedding Photographer

 I'm going to end on this picture because it's the perfect summary of the night: Tommy and Jen among friends- having fun.
Newark Ohio Wedding Photographer

Jen and Tommy- thank you so much for including me in your special day. It was the perfect mix of love and fun. I hope you two (and Karoline) will continue to live your lives with just that mix in mind.

Keep smiling,

Want even more? Check out the slideshow embedded below or click here. If you were a guest of the Wheeler wedding images will be posted next weekend on the proofing site. Be sure to like Kaylina Norton Photography on Facebook to stay in the loop!


  1. Love the sneak peak - can't wait till next weekend. Barb W.