Wednesday, July 16

Kelli + Phil: Baltimore, Ohio Wedding Reception

Kelli and Phil have been getting a lot of attention on this blog lately- I shot their "engagement" session three weeks ago and on Saturday, I was lucky enough to cover the reception they hosted for friends and family to celebrate their marriage.

The reception was hosted at the house of one of Kelli and Phil's friends in Baltimore, Ohio and was full of adorable, well thought out details.

Phil and Kelli took time to greet each of their guests and hand out the coozies they had as favors.

What reception would be complete without some photobooth fun and some magic tricks?

Something I've always said that I love about Phil and Kelli is their ability to have fun in their relationship. Their approach to cutting the cake did not let me down.

Although I've worked with Kelli and Phil previously, this was the first time I got to watch them interact with friends and family- it was so great to see that their fun-loving attitudes are contagious and that everyone at the party was having a great time.

Kelli and Phil- thanks so much for letting me capture your reception on Saturday! It has been a pleasure chronicling your relationship from dating to marriage! I wish you guys many more years of happiness and laughter!

Keep smiling,


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