Friday, January 10

New Year and a New Site

I took a week off of work last month for the holidays. It was a week to relax, enjoy the family, and partake in my favorite tradition- holiday gluttony. Unlike my usual "time-off" I didn't have a to-do list made or reminders set on my phone telling me what little projects I should do on each day. I didn't need to micro-manage my vacation because I only had one goal: launch a new website.

I created my previous website while I was still in college and had been in business for just over a year. It served me well, but as my style changed and my business grew, my website and I started to grow apart. I wanted a site that would attract my ideal client, show off who I was as a person and a photographer, and let the true heroes (my past clients) shine.

I launched my new website on New Years day and am incredibly proud of it. If you haven't already, please check it out and let me know what you think. It's the first step of helping my brand grow up with me. The next step is this blog, of course.

Keep smiling!


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