Saturday, July 13

Now it's my turn

He had a plan, he had worked up the courage, and I ruined it. I had spent the day editing pictures with Netflix on in the background and I was hungry. So on his drive home from work I called him and informed him that we were going out for steak. "Uhh... okay..." was his reply. Which should have thrown up red flags to me- he normally loves steak. But I ignored it and insisted we go out to eat.

He hid it in my roll (because you can't put a ring in steak) and asked me to marry him. We might have had an audience and it might not have been the night he had in mind, but it was still perfect. Because at the end of the night I had the ring on my finger and the privilege of calling him my fiancé (even if he hates the word).

Now all I have to do is find a photographer...

Keep smiling!


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