Wednesday, July 17

Just another girl with a camera

I like portraits. To me, a picture of a person is worth a thousand words and a picture of a landscape is worth one - "snore". I appreciate the genius of Ansel Adams and I know that mountains are pretty, but I'll still take the tightly framed black and white head shot by Richard Avedon any day. To make a long story short (and before I insult anyone else) I don't take many pictures of nature. But the other day I was dying to take my camera outside and shoot because the lighting was absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to accompany Blake to his favorite climbing wall with my camera.

That's where I discovered a second reason I don't take pictures of nature. When I'm at a wedding or on an engagement shoot it's obvious to everyone what I'm doing there. I normally have a camera with a huge lens on it and a giant bag of gear slung over my shoulder. The posing people part is also normally a big give away. But when I'm out in public with a nice camera and no one to pose - I get weird looks. I can hear everyone thinking, "Oh there's another girl with a camera taking a picture of a flower".

And I have nothing to say to defend myself because I'm out in the middle of a field taking a picture of a flower.

Keep smiling!


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