Saturday, March 17

Meet Corey: 2012 Senior Session

"I don't know," he said pretty casually. I had asked Corey a few questions about himself, what he likes, and his plans after high school. And it was always that same answer. It wasn't that he didn't know, he just doesn't like to brag about himself. That's my theory, at least. So I'll do it for him, because taking his senior pictures last Saturday was such a pleasure.

Corey is a senior at Vinton County High School and will graduate this spring. He's got a great, casual attitude that instantly makes you relax and have fun around him. While most seniors get their pictures taken during the summer before or the fall of their senior year, Corey and I spent the day at Rising Park in Lancaster snapping some great pictures. Just talk to Corey for a few minutes and his amazing smile and nonchalant manner of speaking will make it obvious that not much phases him. Not even the thousands of screaming children we shared the park with on Saturday (I may be exaggerating). Corey was a great sport, always ready with a smile and his own impromptu poses. After a little more prying I found out that Corey has plans to go to lineman school after graduating high school and sorry ladies, he's taken. Big thanks to Corey and his mother, Missy, for hanging out with me last Saturday, it was a gorgeous day and I loved spending it capturing Corey in the end of his senior year.

Keep smiling!


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