Thursday, May 29

The mountains are calling...

The first week of May was a big week. Blake graduated with his Bachelor degree and we took off for San Francisco.  In case you don't know him, Blake's a digital guy. He's taken a strong interest in digital marketing and reads more blogs about the video game industry than I think is healthy. So naturally, San Francisco seemed to be calling to him.

We stayed in a small hotel near Patricia's Green in Hayes Valley and had a great time exploring the park and the area around it on the first day. I loved the boutiques and small cafes that surrounded us and quickly asked Blake if we could just stay there. Forever.

That feeling changed as got into the grittier parts of the city. I might not be as much of a city girl as I thought. So we decided later on the first day that we would not be permanently relocating to San Fran, but we could still enjoy our trip.

I call this "Waiting on a Pizza"...

On the second day we rented a car and drove the four hours to Yosemite National Park. The views were definitely worth the trip and even I (who is also NOT an outdoorsy girl) was sad when we had to leave that night.

I call this one "A Young John Muir". Look him up if you don't know him, definitely worth a quick read...

Yosemite was absolutely amazing. A spiritual experience. We returned to San Francisco that night with a different view on everything. And even though we had a good time for the rest of our stay out there, I think both of us were a little disappointed. Because nothing San Fran had to offer was even close to as beautiful or  as awe inspiring as those rocks. And I mean, how could you even compete?

Keep smiling,


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