Sunday, October 20

Planning Our Wedding: Introduction

A few months ago Blake proposed and we made a decision to have a long engagement. We tell people we want to save money and give Blake time to finish college and find a job, but my main reason is so that I can have plenty of time to plan the perfect wedding. I view weddings as celebrations- a chance for everyone important in the bride and groom's life to come together and celebrate that two people have found each other and are making a promise to always support each other, through the good and the bad. Like any celebration, the key to making it magical and perfect is tailoring the party for the guests of honor.

I've had the opportunity to capture beautiful weddings over the last three years and every single one of them was positively perfect. Because the couple planned their day and every detail said something about who they were and how they loved each other. I am looking forward to flipping through magazines, scrolling through blogs, and pinning on pinterest for the next year and half while Blake and I plan our perfect wedding. My plan is to keep everyone filled in on our progress, decisions, and delights as we approach our wedding day.

Any and all ideas, suggestions, and stress relieving tips are welcome!

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